Talk on Motivation by Dr Ong

On 14 March 2017, Dr Ong came to Little Bodhi Student Care Centre to give us a talk on motivation. According to him, 14th March is also known as “Pi” day. There were many good and encouraging points that Dr Ong shared with us. One of these is how we can manage our time well. I learnt to set priority. This means I have
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Children’s Day Celebration

On 6th Oct, Little Bodhi Student Care Centre celebrated Children’s Day. Our lovely and lively children had long been anticipating the coming of this big day. To entertain and amuse students on this special occasion, our creative and loving teachers had generated fresh new ideas to bring some surprises to our children. Ding-Ding-Ding…, what’s that sound? An ice-cream man appeared in front of Little
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Local Author Visit

Little Bodhi was privileged to have Ms Ng Swee San, author of the children’s book entitled “The Great Dragon Warrior”, paying us a visit as well as conducting a reading workshop for all our Primary 1 – Primary 3 pupils on 14th Dec 2015. The children had an interactive session of reading together with Ms Ng. Post-reading activities were conducted and each child, their
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Little Bodhi Outing 2015 to Sentosa

This year our annual Little Bodhi Outing, which was organised by NTU Buddhist Society Metta subcommittee, was conducted on 9-Dec (Wed) at Sentosa Palawan Beach. A short article on the event was submitted by one of the volunteers, Finnie, and was published on the NTU Buddhist Society website. The article is reproduced as follow. By the way, photos of the outing can be viewed here. By
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Operating Hours in 2016

With effect from 1 January 2016, all the students in our centre will move into single session at their respective schools. In order to concentrate our efforts in serving the students better and offer more time for the parents to pick up the children, our centre’s operating hours will be revised accordingly. With effect from 1 January 2016, the centre’s operating hours will be
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Important Notice – Centre Closure Days

Dear Parent/Guardian, All the students from our centre will be going into single school session with effect from 1 January 2016. In view of this change, it is necessary to do major upgrade to our existing washroom facilities in order to cater to the students’ future needs. For the safety and hygiene of the students, the centre will be closed for 2 weeks from
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Project Little Ukebox

We are pleased to announce that we are currently carrying out Project Little Ukebox, which is a collaboration between: The Patatas, Vinnie Classroom and Little Bodhi Student Care Centre. This project aims to cultivate appreciation of music in the children and provide a more hands on experience by learning and playing of the ukulele! Under the programme, a total of 19 children in two
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Excursion to Sembawang beach

Over the June holidays, Little Bodhi Student Care Centre (LBSCC) organized an excursion to the Sembawang beach to expose our little ones to the significance of beach cleanup. Arriving in the afternoon, we were briefed about how we should protect ourselves from sharp objects and unknowned items. Excited and curious, the little ones slipped on their gloves and followed the teachers and volunteers to
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Vesak Day Carnival

2015年6月14日星期天,是新加坡佛教施诊所与药师行愿会联办的慈悲喜舍家庭日(Bursary Presentation cum Vesak Day Carnival)。卫塞节嘉年华会净收入的50%将捐献给新加坡佛教施诊所,是非常有意义的活动。 小小菩提的老师和4名小小志愿者,也自愿加入了这次义卖活动,早上8:30准时在中心集合出发。同学们有的带着和自己亲手烘烤的Muffin小蛋糕,有的准备了健康的低糖水果布丁。小志愿者们还精心设计制作了摊位广告牌,忙得不亦乐乎。 售卖的任务当然交给了小志愿者们,对于他们来说这可是个锻炼勇气,自我挑战的好机会。他们先是在摊位旁小心询问过往的客人 ,后来竟然勇敢得端着托盘,走在人流中兜售。功夫不负有心人,他们准备的食物在很短的时间内销售一空。所卖的固本放入了功德箱,别提他们有多高兴了。     在活动结束前,我们的主席Alan Ang带着孩子们在佛像前浴佛净心,供灯祈福还有献花供佛,并让这几个孩子简单了解卫塞节的由来和意义。下午1:30,老师把学生们安全送回家。 通过这次活动,孩子们体会到了义卖的不易,增加了敢于和陌生人沟通的勇气。更重要的是每个人都有一颗善良的心,如何发现自己的善心,并付诸于实际行动,乐于助人多多参加社会慈善活动,让这个社会更温暖。这才是希望他们明白的道理。(^-^) ~ Article contributed by: Cindy Li

Singapore American School, Thank You

Our dear Brother Seng Yip shared an update today via our NTUBSA forum on Whatsapp regarding the reading programme conducted by Singapore American School. Rather than writing a separate article on the subject, I think it will be interesting to reproduce his messages and photos directly so that you know all of these are coming directly from the horse’s mouth. Enjoy ^_^    
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