Mini Sports Day Mar 2019

Holidays are always a good time to take a break from the routine. On Wednesday morning,
20 Mar 2019, our Little Bodhi teachers have arranged a mini sports day for all of us, we were brought to Woodlands Stadium to play a few sports games. Our class played two games, first game is jump rope sprint racing, and some of my friends even don’t know how to jump rope. Second game is water transfer relay. In the afternoon, every one of us was asked a few questions and some selected answers are showing below:

1. How would you rate your day on a scale of 1 to 10? Why?
10 of course!!!!! Because it was super fun! Said Samykthaasri from P3
10, 10, 10, 10… all primary ones answered
10/10, because I felt great and games were easy to play, said Wei Heng from P2
5, because my group did not win in all competitions, from Ya Yuan P3
8, it was fun and the games were challenging, from Charmaine P5

2. What challenged you at Sports Day today?
It challenged me by putting a cup on my head, said Aden P2
When I took the water, it spilt on me, Yu Kai answered P2
I learned how to skip while running, I increased my speed slightly, from Zhi Qian P4
Passing the ball backwords and in between our legs, P3 See Yan

3. What was the funniest thing happened today?
The water rolled down my face, o(^ ^)o
During the water game, one lower primary ran and almost all the water had spilled out. P5 Li Xuan
My friend skipped very slowly. His action made me laugh. Zhi Qian P4
I spilled a little bit of water and some droplets touched my spectacles lens. P4 Jing Xuan

4. What was something you did that was helpful or made you feel brave?
We rolled the ball together and we won.
I felt good about helping to pour the water into the cups. P6 Daniel
Saying good job and tell them you must not give up. P4 Celia
I shared with Zi Yang the new way to pass the water. From P3 Isaac

5. If you could add any game to Sports Day today, what would it be?
Running Race, Duck Duck Goose, Catching, Badminton, Relay Race …

6. What else would like to share with your friends or parents?
I would like to tell my friends that stadium is a good place to play sports and activities. P5
Skipping requires a lot of patience, from P4 Zhi Qian.
Sports day was very fun and exciting, I tried out a new sport, skipping and learn how to skip, from P6 Hui Yuan.

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