Vesak Day Carnival

On Sunday, 10th June 2018, I went to a Vesak Day Carnival with three of my friends. They are Daniel, Dorjee and En Huan. We took the MRT train from Marsiling Station with Mr Lam and Teacher Cindy.

When we reached the carnival site, I saw a lot of stalls and a lot of people. Mr Ang, the Chairman of little Bodhi brought us to pray to the Buddha. After that we bathed the little Buddha statue from the shoulder down. Mr Lam told us that the gesture means to purify one’s mind, body and speech.

Then we went to Mr Ang’s stall and we were asked to go round to sell dumplings and drinks. We sold each dumpling for One dollar. We collected in total forty-five dollars for the dumplings. For drinks, we only sold some as people felt that the cost was a bit expensive. We went back to the stall feeling disappointed.

Mr Ang gave us five dollars each, in Coupon value, to play games and have fun. We played “Bouncy Castle” ,”Piano Tiles” , “NBA Basketball” and many more. We won points from the games and we used the game points to redeem some prizes such as lollipops, keychains and magnet. We went home at around 1.30pm.

It was a fun and memorable experience for me as I learnt that business is not as easy as we think. Most of all, I feel that the whole experience, although difficult and exhausting, it is worthwhile as I am doing it for a good cause that is charity. I hope I could go again next year.

Liaw Jie Qing P5


Some time ago, Mr Lam asked the whole class for volunteers to help out at the Vesak Charity Carnival ,Dorjee ,Jie Qing ,Daniel and I were volunteered to help out at a drink stall manned by Mr Ang ,the chairman of LBSCC.

On Sunday 10th June 2018 at 8.30am we all assembled outside LBSCC. We were all excited about the carnival.

At about 10:00am, when we reached there, I saw game stations, many people crowding to buy things and performances on the stage. We saw Mr Ang and greeted him. He brought us to an area where we prayed to the Buddha.

Our duty is to sell all the 45 dumplings, prepared by auntie and donate the money to charities. Our first attempt was met with some surprise as a woman brought 10 dumplings from us. It was not easy task to get people to buy, but somehow we still managed to sell all of them. By then, we were all exhausted and thirsty. We went back to the drink stall to have our drinks and enjoyed some very nice ice-creams.

It was time for lunch! Mr Ang gave us $5 coupon each to buy food, we bought pizza, French fries, hashbrown, cotton candy and popcorns to eat. We also went to play games, the “bouncy castles” was very fun.

I felt very happy to have a chance to go there and I learnt that doing business is not easy, we must talk nicely, have good attitude and nice words. Four hours went by, and it was time to leave. We paid respect to the Buddha once again before saying goodbye to Mr Ang and we went home.

Chai En Huan P5



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