On 23rd February, I was one of the lucky pupils to go to the Esplanade for a performance called “The Story of Red hill”. We were excited even before we reach there.

This was my second time going to the Esplanade. I was there for a “drumming session” in last year December holiday.

On arrival at the Esplanade Theater, we were all told to sit on the floor. Besides our groups, there were also other children joining us. The setting was a village. Soon, the show began with three actors, a man, Dui Dui and two women, Ding Ding and her grandma, narrating their peaceful lives on the Island. When Sultan announced that there are swordfishes attacking the villages. It was then we all realized that we are supposed to play the part of the villagers. We had made our own “fishing net”, and we were told step by step to make the shields to protect ourselves from the swordfishes.

It was interesting and exciting when we were working together to protect ourselves. In addition, I learnt about teamwork because we need to have teamwork in order to find solution to solve problems.

The actors’ singing and acting were amazing. Their costumes are decorated with creativity in mind, and were filled with bright colors. Nearing the end of the show, the man was instructed by Sultan to kill his friend, Ding Ding. The Sultan did not like anyone who was more intelligent than him. At that point, the villagers (all of us) were asked to stand on the side of either Dui Dui or Ding Ding. I had chosen to stand on the side of Ding Ding, because I felt that that was the right thing to do. Eventually, the man, Dui Dui also realized that he should not to kill his friend, Ding Ding. It was so touching.

Written by: Evonne Fong P5



On 23rd February 2018, the teachers of Little Bodhi Student Care Centre brought us to Esplanade. We were there to watch a Child’s Play-The story of Redhill. I thought it would be boring as I have read the story before, but actually the show was very interesting, because the actors sang out some of their lyrics instead of just saying them out.

As part of the story, we all had a chance to make our own ‘fishing nets’ to catch those fierce ‘swordfish’ and our own ‘armour’ to protect ourselves from those ‘swordfish’. When we were making our own unique ‘fishing nets’, I thought that it would be quite hard as those ‘fishing nets’ look complicated. As soon as I tried out, I found out that the steps were pretty easy, so I took less than five minutes to finish making my own ‘fishing net’. While making our ‘armour’, we were expected to draw something on our ‘armour’ to scare off those ‘swordfish’. I draw a monster as monsters do look pretty scary, it could help me to scare off those ‘swordfish’.

I enjoyed the time making the protective gears using empty egg- racks with my friends. From the show, I had learnt that we should help one and other and work together when facing difficulties. I wished that there are more activities which I could join next time I went there.

Written By: Taoxu P5


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