Talk on Motivation by Dr Ong

On 14 March 2017, Dr Ong came to Little Bodhi Student Care Centre to give us a talk on motivation. According to him, 14th March is also known as “Pi” day.

There were many good and encouraging points that Dr Ong shared with us. One of these is how we can manage our time well. I learnt to set priority. This means I have to deal with what is very important and urgent first, the less important matters can be done later. Another interesting point is about the 4”c”s. They are Preview (预习) ,Learn (学习) ,Revise (复习) and Exercise (练习). Besides that, I also learnt how to set “Smart” goals. It means I have to set goals which are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

Dr Ong also emphasized key words such as “give your best”, “take the first step” and “self-discipline” among others. I was very touched by a video clip which showed how a coach had encouraged a player to overcome what seemed impossible to become possible. I finally realised that difficulties and problems can be resolved if we try our best.

Thank you Dr Ong for sharing with us and empowering us with the skills to achieve success.

Contributed by: P6 Hoe Yu Jie

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