Outing to National Museum Singapore

Visiting museums is one of our favourite choices for a learning journey during the school holidays. As it always open the door for students’ curiosity, a world of imagination and exploration.

During this June holiday on 31st May, all Little Bodhi students headed to National Museum, Singapore’s oldest museum. We started from The Singapore History gallery, which charts the development of Singapore from its earliest – beginning 700 years ago to the independent, modern city-state it is today. Students took ownership of their own learning by using worksheets. It was a great chance for students to gain broad information and understanding of Singapore’s past.

After refreshment, we visited Goh Seng Choo Gallery. The most popular and attractive feature of this gallery is its Glass Rotunda. Students took a peek into Singapore’s natural world in the 19th century through a spectacular digital presentation. We entered the rotunda from the second floor, and wait excitedly under a dark dome while our eyes adjusted to the light. Once the curtains opened, we found ourselves feeling as if we were in a real tropical forest with chirping birds, buzzing insects and bubbling brooks. We walked down along a spiral slope where we found many animals and plants on the large screen. The students were immersed in the experience – “that tapir is moving,” “the deer is walking towards me,” “wow, it’s raining!” The children could not wait to point out what was going on and share what they had seen with the others. With wide opened eyes, they stayed alert the entire time and feeling like a little explorer with work to complete.

The Children’s season exhibition was our last stop for this Learning Journey. It’s just recently opened to the public. All of our younger students got a chance to experience what Singapore was like 50 years ago, through interactive exhibits and programmes at different stations.

Time flies when you are having fun, and the children had a lot of fun on this Learning Journey! We returned to Little Bodhi for the last activity which was to draw out our favourite and most memorable place in National Museum. Their drawings helped them share their memorable experience with their friends.

What an enriching and interactive day!


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