Little Bodhi Outing 2015 to Sentosa

This year our annual Little Bodhi Outing, which was organised by NTU Buddhist Society Metta subcommittee, was conducted on 9-Dec (Wed) at Sentosa Palawan Beach. A short article on the event was submitted by one of the volunteers, Finnie, and was published on the NTU Buddhist Society website. The article is reproduced as follow. By the way, photos of the outing can be viewed here.


By Finnie Tesiana

Do you love kids? (Well, actually who doesn’t?) Or do you miss being a kid?

If the answer is yes, this event is definitely perfect for you. Little Bodhi Outing (LBO) is another NTUBS annual event, in which we conduct an outing with students from Little Bodhi Student Care Centre (LBSCC).

This time, it was held in December, and participated by 55 students, ranging from kindergarten to upper primary level. To begin the day, volunteers travelled from NTU to LBSCC to gather the kids, before heading to Sentosa (Palawan Beach). Upon arrival, volunteers and the kids built sandcastles and got themselves involved in some interactive games organized by NTUBS Metta Committee. Before going home, they headed to Palawan Amphitheatre to enjoy the Parrot Show. The kids enjoyed the day so much that they didn’t want to go home.

It was a memorable day for both the kids and volunteers. From volunteers perspectives, it is an opportunity to cultivate patience and loving kindness; to some of them, it is an eye-opening experience, while the participants had a lot of fun building sandcastles, playing games, watching parrots and so on. Hope to see them all again in the next academic year!




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