Learning journey to the Esplanade: Hua Yi Community Chinese Drumming Workshop

On the 20th December 2017, some of my friends and I followed Little Bodhi Student Care teachers to the Esplanade for a Chinese drumming workshop. When I entered the rehearsal studio, I felt very excited about what we may get to learn or do. At the beginning, there was a short performance by Mr Ong’s students. Our instructor, Mr Ong, taught us a lot of things. He introduced the names of the different parts of the drum and the drumhead surface is made from buffalo skin.

Mr Ong taught us some basic notes and beats. I felt very happy as this is the first time I get to play a real drum. The part I like most is when Mr Ong told us to play everything we had learnt. I enjoyed the sound very much. He also told us that discipline is very important in drumming because we need to be fully focused in order to play well. After we practiced a few times, when everyone played together, the sound produced is very pleasant to our ears.

Overall, it is a good experience for me as I get to learn something which I quite different from what I have learnt in school. I look forward to more of this workshops in future.

Lau Zhe Yang P5


The drumming workshop was really fun. The drum instructor is very funny. At first, I did not like the loud sound of the drums but slowly I got used to it. The sound of the drums is melodious.

The experience of learning drums is fun but challenging. When I learn to drum the different beats and rhythm I found that it is not as easy as I think, some parts are easy while some parts are difficult. When we were told to put everything we learnt together, I was confused at first. However as I practised more, I found it became easier. Sometimes, I forgot the steps but somehow I still managed to catch up.

I think this experience is a memorable one as I have never played the drum before. I also feel lucky as a lot of people do not have this chance to learn the drum.

Tang Hui Yuan P4


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