Learning Journey to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

As part of our holiday programmes, teachers from Little Bodhi Student Care have brought students to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve on 1st June, to foster an appreciation and respect for nature. The students had a wonderful time exploring the flora and fauna.

Below are Students’ reflections and feedback on the learning journey:

It is very pleasant to listen to the sound of nature, like, the sound of waves, the sound of birds chipping and the sound of the leaves rusting in the wind. I like to walk on the rope bridge. Even though it is covered with dirt and disgusting mud and lots of water, it is still pretty fun to step on it. I also love the junior adventure park, especially the bridge with water. It make it more fun walking on the circular stones. When I realized that there is water underneath, I was overjoyed.

Yang Luo Yi   P3


I like Sungei Buloh as I enjoyed the peace and seeing different species of plants growing beautifully. There are also animals, fishes and insects roaming freely and happily.

Lyvia Ng P3


 “Nature” to me means a peaceful place that we can breathe in fresh air, we can see animals living in the trees. They have a care-free and happy life in the forest. I like the exhibition near visitors centre because it has posters showing many other species of animals and we can learn more about the interesting things in the park such as mangrove flora and mudskippers.

Thin Xin Lei Primary 3


I enjoyed the trip to Sungei Buloh, a nature place, where the trees grow and animals roam and live freely. There is peace and quietness except for the noises produced by the animals and insects. It is also where I see the most greenery. I am thinking there may be some undiscovered herbs that can be used as medicine. During the trip, I found that the hanging roped bridge and the Junior Adventure Park is highly interesting as they brought a lot of fun and joy to me. I enjoyed walking on the shaky bridge as I felt good when I was able to balance myself well on it. I also like to go to the exhibits where I am can learn more knowledge about the living things in Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.

Tang Hui Yuan Primary 5


At the Junior Adventure Park of Sungei Buloh, I helped a younger one by instructing her where to step on to prevent her from falling down which made me feel very good. I enjoyed the shaky bridge suspended above the water. I grabbed hold of the rope at the side to prevent me from falling down. Step by step, I finally arrived at the other end of the bridge. It was quite challenging but a lot of fun.

Wang Taoxu Primary 5


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