Little Bodhi Outing 2014

Every year, Metta subcommittee, which is one of the committees under NTUBS, will organize an outing for children from this centre. Metta subcommittee was formed to cultivate and propagate one of Buddha’s teachings among all the members, which is Metta, or loving-kindness. NTUBS will cooperate with NTUBSA for this event who will sponsor partly on the budget while NTUBS will prepare programs for that day.


The objectives of Little Bodhi Outing is to firstly propagate loving kindness among all the members through the interaction with children and to cultivate the importance of friendship and trust among the children as well as among our members.

This year we planned 2 learning journeys to give children a chance to expose themselves to active learning by having outdoor activities which they might not have the chance to have it in classroom.

On 10th December 2014, we went to 2 different places- Woon Leng Orchid Nursery and Farm Mart. At Woon Leng Nursery, students were given a 1.5 hours guided tour around the greenhouses and labs. They were taught the science behind growing Orchid plants and shown different types of technology used to cater to the needs of Orchids. They also had a hands on activity where they learnt how to pot a plant, which they took home at the end of it!


At Farm Mart, the students had a half an hour feeding session. Animals such as rabbits, goats, parrots and frogs are kept in enclosures while we feed them carrots and seeds. The students had a lot of fun as most of them have never seen a farm animal before, and we hope that this interaction between children and animals will increase their understanding and loving-kindness towards them.

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Written by: Su Thiri Tun


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