Kranji Farm Tour Write-Up2

22nd of April, happened to be a day when things blew my mind. That day was filled with surprises .The student leaders of Raffles Institution came over to bring us along to Hay Diaries and to the frog farm.

At Hay Diaries we were told that the goats were imported from Australia .A goat can produce two liters of milk per day. I really enjoyed the tour, as there were many activities lined up for us .The goats were adorable, although they have a certain smell. While feeding the goats, one enormous goat in the pit bit my bag luckily, one of the student leaders helped by pulling the bag away from its mouth. I have learnt that the milk was produced by the goats will be lesser than that of the cows.

At the Jurong Frog Farm, I learnt that the neck of the female frog’s are white while the male frogs are green .The frog’s skin is smooth and wet .The frog’s breathe through their skin in water and lungs on land .The American Bullfrog eats anything that it sees, such as other frogs, flies, fish. So each frog should look out for itself or it may be eaten by another frog. The young of a frog is called a tadpole .The head is bigger than its tail.

The farm tour is helpful and fun as I learnt many interesting facts about both goats and frogs. I would highly recommend people to visit these two places.

Written By: Charmaine Tng, Marsiling Primary P5 Courage


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