Kranji Farm Tour Write-Up1

On Saturday, 22nd of April 2017, I went to the Kranji Farms with some of my friends in Little Bodhi. The tour was organised by the student volunteers from Raffles Institution. We went to the goat farm first. I learnt that in order to have milk, the goats need to have babies first. After the goats were milk, they had to be sprayed a kind of liquid on their udder and teats. It is just like us, washing our hands after we use the toilet. We were also given some time to feed the goats.

Next, we visited the Jurong Frog Farm which is next to the goat farm. We can tell a female apart from a male frog by looking at the colour of the neck. A female has a white and a bit of black on her neck while a male has a yellowish neck. The tanks used to put the frogs are tall as the frogs may jump off the tanks. The skin texture of a frog is wet and smooth. They need to dive into the water from preventing their skin to be dried. In water, frogs breathe through their moist skin. In open air, they breathe through their lungs. The adult frogs tend to eat their own kind especially if they are not careful. They also prey on birds, scorpions, spiders and insects. When a frog sleeps, their eyes will be open as they do not have eyelids. The frog’s ears are circular in shape and are located behind the eyes. They are usually larger than their eyes. Then, we have half an hour to explore the frog farm with the student volunteers from RI.

After that, we took the bus and went back. Overall, I felt very happy to be included in the tour as it is on a first come first serve basis. I would introduce these two farms to my friends and if they are interested, they would go. I want them to enjoy themselves there too.

Written By: Lau Zhe Yang, Marsiling Primary P5 Diligence


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