Excursion to Sembawang beach

Over the June holidays, Little Bodhi Student Care Centre (LBSCC) organized an excursion to the Sembawang beach to expose our little ones to the significance of beach cleanup. Arriving in the afternoon, we were briefed about how we should protect ourselves from sharp objects and unknowned items.


Excited and curious, the little ones slipped on their gloves and followed the teachers and volunteers to the sandy beach. Amongst the myriad of things lying on the beach, some are natural formations like seashells and animal carcasses which should be left untouched. The students were told to look out for styrofoam, plastic, metal, and other unnatural items. The teachers and volunteers explained in simple terms, how these items pollute the natural habitat of the animals living around. With proper understanding, the students were more enthusiastic in picking up the rubbish, as they understood that their little act is contributing to a greater cause.


When the garbage bags finally became heavy, the students were gathered. They washed their hands and sat together for a simple evening snack prepared at the centre. After filling their stomachs, the students were quizzed verbally about the special architectural structures around the beach, as was explained to them at the centre before they left. After playing their part to clean the beach, and learning about their surroundings, the students were led to a big playground where they could do what they do best–play! Sweaty and satisfied, everyone boarded the bus back to the centre with a wider smile than before.

~ Article contributed by Shi Hui



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